Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Best Weekend EVER

So the fam Banks has just returned from a really AWESOME weekend at the lake. Absolutely not long enough - I didn't want to ever leave! Just the two days of my son not playing video games and enjoying himself anyways was the greatest thing ever. Though there was a TV, we didn't watch it. Though there were I-pods, we didn't listen to them. Though there was no running water, we went to the bathroom anyway!

I am ashamed it has taken us so long to get to the lake. Last summer we just never got around to it. The summer before it seemed like a good idea, but we just never worked it in. The summer before that, well, it just didn't happen and the list goes on. But we just made it happen this year, and I am so happy. My one regret is that Gwen positively refused to go, and instead of making her, I let her stay with a friend instead. As Fletcher said over and over again this weekend, "Sissy sure is missing out!"

To see him catch his first fish (a perch) and make the transition from dipping his toes in the edge of the water to jumping in with water wings and a noodle was priceless, as was seeing his tiny face smeared with chocolate and marshmallow smores leftovers! My picky eater went from eating nothing to gobbling everything in sight since he was so hungry from swimming all day! We had the full experience - fire works, paint gun shooting, swimming, taking a boat ride, cooking on the camp fire, falling asleep exhausted in the complete darkness. All this with no telephones ringing! No housework! No video games! Yee Haw!

Maybe the best part was watching my always-busy-always-working husband just relax and catch a few fish, not look at the clock, and kick back in a lawn chair. This is the lake of his childhood, this is his camp full of family memories, and now he is sharing that with us. Perfection. Here are some photos - Fletch getting his hook baited by daddy, his first fish ever, swimming fun time and some adorable baby turtles that hung out on a log by the dock and kept us company all weekend!

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